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Archive of Announcements
March 15, 2007
At the close of the work day, Thursday March 15th, the requirements for AUTHSERV (EDIR) passwords were modified. Prior to the 15th, AUTHSERV passwords (8 or more characters in length) had to contain at least one each of the following character sets:
  • alpha
  • numeric
Examples: abcdefg1; 1234567a

As of the close of work on the 15th, AUTHSERV now requires that passwords contain two out of three of the following character sets:

  • upper alpha
  • lower alpha
  • numeric/special (disallowed are quote, apostrophe and plus symbol)
Examples: Same as above; absdefgH; ABCDEFGh; abcdefg%; ABCDEFG%; abcdefG%, abcdF%1, etc.

Passwords allowed by AUTHSERV under the old rules continue to be acceptable. The old AUTHSERV rules allowed use of special characters (except quotes and apostrophes). The plus symbol is excluded.

This change in password requirements makes it possible for concerned users to establish more complex passwords than previously allowed. Follow this link for a detailed explanation of AUTHSERV password requirements.

October 29th, 2006
On or after Sunday, November 5th, support for optional presentation styles will be implemented in the EDIR and AUTHSERV web gateways. In addition to the optional style support, changes have been made to the basic layout of AUTHSERV authentication pages.

Support for the optional presentation styles was implemented at the request of MAUs desiring their users interact with pages representative of their institutions. The page layout changes were made in response to user feedback.

The default presentation style for EDIR/AUTHSERV has been updated; the header has changed as has the basic color scheme. When called with a non-default presentation style, EDIR/AUTHSERV page headers, footers and color scheme are representative of a specific institution.

No matter how they appear, official EDIR/AUTHSERV pages will always be associated with the following URLs:

If ever in doubt about authenticity, use your browser to check the certificate for the page.

August 9th, 2006
On Sunday, August 6th, the Enterprise Directory and it's web gateways (EDIR and AUTHSERV) were migrated to new hardware and more current release of the SunOne Directory (iPlanet). The new hardware is behind a load balancer which provides the following benefits:

  • multiple instancees of directory and web gateways
  • better performance as use of EDIR and AUTHSERV increases
  • ability to apply upgrades and perform monthly server reboots without interrupting service
As part of the migration, access to student records was more tightly restricted. The scope of the enhanced restrictions include records of students electing privacy under FERPA and non-directory data on any student record. Until it is determined what class of user is entitled to see FERPA protected student records or non-directory student data, access to those records and that data requires the EDIRrole "ABIDEBYFERPA". A visible indication of that change is the absence of the student program pick list previously displayed to all credentialed users in the EDIR "people" search page. Now that pick list is displayed only to users having the ABIDEBYFERPA EDIRrole.

The EDIR ABIDEBYFERPA role is requested via normal administrative security channels (same procedure as for requesting Banner access).

May 12th 2005
Modified header of output generated when the Email List check box is checked. The header now specifies emailList.csv as file name.

This change made in support of browsers that do not correctly interpret the embedded MIME type of text/csv and those for which MIME type to application mapping is not supported.

May 11th 2005
Announcments page modified to use EDIR stylesheet.

March 29th 2005
UAF University Relations plans to produce the UAF phonebook this year from the information stored in EDIR and will be asking UAF employees to update their personal and departmental phonebook information on-line.

Over the course of three weeks between March 28th and April 15th, over 3000 UAF employee EDIR accounts will be activated. The associated activation message requests that users log in to EDIR and change their passwords when they receive the message. Doing so helps distribute the load on your campus Help Desk should assistance be needed.

March 25th 2005
A new version of the EDIR web gateway was migrated to production on Friday, March 25th, 2005. The new gateway has the following changes:

  • new account activation form (with associated changes to reset and lock forms)
  • forms sized to fit better in lower resolution screens
  • background color added to better define form boundaries
  • employee locator update form now includes building pick list
  • building pick list management form for phonebook production staff
The process of cleaning up the HTML of the EDIR gateway is ongoing. The goal is that EDIR will look and work as expected in most web browsers. If you encounter problems using EDIR, please send us an email and let us know the following:

How can we reach you (email address or phone number)?
What browser were you using (product and version)?
What EDIR page were you using?
What was the problem you encountered?

We can be reached by